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The Collapse of Obamacare, Part 2

Three months ago I argued that the “hodge-podge, cobbled-together, bureaucratic-bloated, corporate-handout monstrosity” known as Obamacare was already beginning to unravel. Since then, the cracks have only continued to widen.

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Asteroid Detection: A Public Good, or A Public Good-Enough?

It has been over 100 years since a big asteroid slammed into Planet Earth; the famous Tunguska Event in Russia flattened trees for miles around. Scientists and space nerds eagerly awaited the close arrival of another big one last week … Continue reading

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Petition Of The Day: Make Unlocking Cell Phones Legal Again

UPDATE 02/21/13: The petition stormed past 100,000 signatures yesterday! I shall imagine that my timely blog post was what helped propel it over the finish line. (Naw, it’s probably better for my ego if I don’t.) Now we’ll see whether … Continue reading

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On Minimum Wages and Maximum Signaling

So, Obama wants to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25/hr to $9/hr. Like many generally conservative persons, I oppose the minimum wage on principle, expressed by countless others but most recently by The Crimson Reach: if I want to … Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Know About Last Week’s News #32

In reverse order of importance:

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So Republicans Oppose Violence Against Women?

Earlier this week, the Senate voted on re-authorizing the “Violence Against Women Act,” and some Republicans caught flak for voting against it. The Internet lit up with predictable jokes about how the GOP is so anti-woman. Journalists even wrote articles … Continue reading

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Monopoly Is Still An Outdated Board Game

After fans voted, Monopoly has replaced the iron token with a cat token. Apparently Monopoly updates its tokens from time to time in an attempt to stay relevant, although I’m pretty sure cats have been around longer than irons. But … Continue reading

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Is The Sledgehammer The Only Way To Cut Spending?

Remember when the federal government “cut” a measly $37 billion in spending in 2011 and Obama hailed it as the “largest annual spending cut in our history”? Apparently even those cuts were full of accounting gimmicks, like counting money for … Continue reading

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