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Why Do Liberals Hate Science?

If you listen to liberal activists or even most of the mainstream media these days, conservatives are dangerously “anti-science.” They cling to religion and ideology that traps them in a warped reality, denying the Smart People Consensus about climate change, … Continue reading

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The Externalities of Space Junk

Every now and then I’ll hear about space junk as a Thing To Worry About. Yesterday, the IEEE said “we’ve already passed the tipping point for orbital debris,” complete with a disproportional depiction of Earth surrounded by thousands of pieces … Continue reading

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Reasons For Optimism 39-41

39. There are a lot of bad software patents out there that are probably restricting innovation. Stack Exchange has a new sub-site for crowd-sourcing patent applications to help find “prior art” for silly patents that aren’t really anything new. It’s … Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Know About Last Week’s News #11

In reverse order of importance…

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When Is Civilization Going To Collapse Already?

There’s a new essay from a conservative magazine speculating about “the coming global disorder.” It starts by suggesting that Japan’s and China’s recent squabbling over a small island might lead to World War III and proceeds to walk through five … Continue reading

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The Five Percent Threshold

I’ve been advocating a vote for Gary Johnson as a form of signaling, hoping that if his support reaches a level such as 5% that the Libertarian Party will begin to steal some attention away from the media gravity well … Continue reading

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Conservatives, Seniors, and Statistics

I first heard the 47% number way back when conservatives were trying to come up with pithy counterparts to the 99% Occupy meme. They even made their own Tumblr called “We Are the 53%” to contrast themselves with the alleged … Continue reading

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Reasons For Optimism 30-38

30. A federal judge has struck down the “indefinite detention” in the NDAA as unconstitutional. It’s always encouraging to see the judicial branch actually checking the legislative branch’s attempt to give the executive branch unrestrained power. The battle is far … Continue reading

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