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Nanny Nudger Strikes Again!

Just a couple months after banishing 32-ounce sodas from select establishments in New York City, the Nanny Nudger – aka Mayor Michael Bloomberg – is at it again. This time the man wants to nudge mothers into breastfeeding their newborns … Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know About Last Week’s News #3

In reverse order of importance:

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Global Climate Snapshot: Summer 2012

It’s been three months since my first Global Climate Snapshot, and it’s time for an updated look at the many forms of official data concerning our planet. Many skeptics distrust the official data about some things for one reason or … Continue reading

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Perspectives in Gun Shootings and Other Risks

Following last weekend’s Aurora tragedy, liberal columnist Eugene Robinson took a typical stand: Will we even pretend to do anything to prevent the next mass shooting by a crazed loner? I doubt it. We’ll just add Aurora to the growing … Continue reading

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Updates In Space Exploration

NASA’s Curiosity rover, launched last November, is now less than two weeks away from Mars. There had been some fears that Odyssey, a satellite orbiting Mars, would not be lined up to watch Curiosity’s descent, but it has been nudged … Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Know About Last Week’s News

In reverse order of importance:

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It Doesn’t Matter Where US Olympic Uniforms Are Made

I briefly mocked this controversy a few days ago, but the impacts of outsourcing/offshoring are so misunderstood that I think it deserves a closer look. A couple weeks ago we learned that the US Olympic uniforms produced by Ralph Lauren … Continue reading

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Reasons For Optimism 15-19

I generally find more bad news than good news in the actions of governments, but there have been a few recent bright sports.

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