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Non-Profit Asteroid Hunting

I’ve been hoping that SpaceX’s successful commercial launch would lead to an awesome future involving the privatization of outer space, and it looks like it’s already leading to some cool new stuff. ┬áThe non-profit┬áB612 Foundation has announced plans to launch … Continue reading

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Kicking The Student Loan Bill Can

While everyone was focused on the Obamacare ruling this week, the other branches of government worked out their disagreements and passed a giant bill yesterday for funding transportation and student loans, among other things. Before Obamacare reclaimed the headlines, we … Continue reading

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How is Obamacare the “largest tax increase in American history”?

So the Supreme Court ruled that the Obamacare mandate was not constitutional as a mandate, but it was constitutional as a tax. I find this very disappointing and also ironic, but I am surprised to see so many conservatives claiming … Continue reading

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Congress Can’t Make You Buy Things, Unless They Tax You If You Don’t

A few hours before the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act, Scott at Expected Optimism speculated that the court might not find the Act constitutional under the Commerce Clause or the Necessary and Proper Clause, but they might … Continue reading

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Thursday Links

Here are some random things to read before the Supreme Court announces Obamacare and everyone stops caring about anything else for awhile… 1. Drones Are Awesome? I’ve been generally pessimistic about the coming drone boom, due to concerns about government … Continue reading

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Stockton, California Goes Bankrupt From Backward Government

Some California cities are trying to cut back on impossible pension promises, but it’s too late for Stockton, which will soon become the largest US city ever to file for bankruptcy.

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Why is 2008 the worst year for banking crises?

Or, How A Bunch of Econ Bloggers Got Fooled By A Poor Graph Or, Mood Affiliation For My Bias That Most Academic Research Is Low-Value Rent-Seeking Data-Massaging Justification For More Low-Value Rent-Seeking Data-Massaging Yesterday, Greg Ip blogged at The Economist … Continue reading

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Where is that hyperinflation, anyway?

I saw an article in a business magazine the other day about the inevitability of the coming inflation and how to prepare for it from a business perspective. There have been a lot of voices over the last few years … Continue reading

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