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The Right To Work On A Farm

An article from The Daily Caller has been storming the Internets this week. The Obama administration’s Department of Labor was reportedly planning to “prevent children from doing farm chores” by applying child labor laws to children working on family farms, … Continue reading

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Global Climate Snapshot: Spring 2012

I am a global warming agnostic. A lot of people are completely convinced global warming is real. A lot of other people call themselves “skeptics,” but they are just as completely convinced that global warming is not real. I am … Continue reading

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Graduates Can’t Find Jobs. Can They Create Them?

“1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed” I saw this article on my lunch break yesterday. I’ve seen college friends nervously sharing it on Facebook. I’ve seen anti-Obama people spreading it on Twitter. It’s the sort of rare … Continue reading

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The Right To Eat Dog

The level of political discourse surrounding this year’s presidential race has not been particularly remarkable, but it stumbled to a new low this week. Tired of the incessant liberal mockery of Romney’s terrible treatment of the family dog a couple … Continue reading

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Defining the terms “Liberal” and “Conservative”

Hello, readers, I would like to introduce the well-educated and thoughtful Nick Sacco. Prepare to learn something today. – Joshua As the quest for a Republican candidate for the 2012 Presidential election continues to roll on – although we are … Continue reading

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Simplifying the Tax Code?

I’ve heard people from both the left and the right call for simplifying our complicated tax code. So why does it seem like all the discussion these days is about making it even more complicated? President Obama has been touting … Continue reading

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Why Can’t We Have 32 Libertarians In Congress?

An Introduction to Proportional Representation Six percent of Americans in a recent Reason poll identified as Libertarian. It’s hard to know how reliable that is, but there are a collection of other┬ápolls claiming anywhere from 2% to 15%, so that … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Wins Rescheduled St. Charles County, MO Caucus

Following last month’s turbulent attempted caucus, my county completed a successful GOP caucus last night, and slates of Ron Paul supporters won seats for all 147 delegates going to the party’s district and state conventions in Missouri. The caucus was … Continue reading

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