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How Liberal is the New York Times Anyway?

The conservative Internets have been all aflutter the last couple days with smoking-gun proof that the New York Times has a liberal bias. On January 28 the NYT had an editorial called “Filibustering Nominees Must End,” arguing against the Republican … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren And The Roads

Elizabeth Warren has been getting a lot of attention on the Internet lately, inspiring progressives and infuriating libertarians with things she said in her appearance on Jon Stewart last week. I watched these three videos to try to get a … Continue reading

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The 2012 South Carolina Primary

With all but a handful of precincts reporting, South Carolina’s GOP primary last Saturday (January 21, 2012) looked like this: Newt Gingrich 243153 (40.45%) Mitt Romney 167280 (27.83%) Rick Santorum 102057 (16.98%) Ron Paul 77993 (12.97%) How does this compare … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name: How the Government Invites Definition Lobbyists

There’s been an interesting topic showing up in the Google News headlines for the last couple of days. The “experts” at the American Psychiatric Association are considering changing the definition of autism, which probably means that many people “would no … Continue reading

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Money and Politics: The Proof Is In The Sopa?

Buddy Roemer, outcast candidate for the Republican nomination, rails against the way money buys power in politics on a daily basis. It’s easy to make such claims, but I’ve always wondered how much stock to put in them. I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Update to my Candidate Guide and other news

I’ve published some updates to my 2012 GOP Candidate guide to demote some candidates who are gone, insert a candidate who had been neglected, and update a lot of text to reflect more recent developments in the race. (I also … Continue reading

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The 2012 New Hampshire Primary

Last week I wrote about the Republican results in the Iowa caucuses, so here are my thoughts on the New Hampshire primary. First, the results, with about 95% reporting: Mitt Romney 95669 (39.4%) Ron Paul 55455 (22.8%) Jon Huntsman 40903 (16.8%) … Continue reading

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Current Level of Defense Measured in What?

I got a kind card in the mail yesterday from my House Representative Todd Akin, summarizing what he and Congress accomplished last year and asking me to fill out a brief questionnaire to record my opinions on a few political … Continue reading

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