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Are Unemployment Benefits Unsustainable?

I saw an article on Yahoo! Finance yesterday about rising unemployment taxes for employers: Companies have yet another reason not to boost hiring: rising unemployment taxes. Employers around the nation are getting socked with higher state unemployment tax bills as … Continue reading

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Should Missouri Raise Its Cigarette Tax?

The Show Me Institute helps me stay informed about local politics in my state of Missouri, and from the articles I’ve read they generally take a pretty pure libertarian perspective on things. Yesterday they posted an article about another potential … Continue reading

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Who Is Gary Johnson?

I’ve been learning a bit about one of the candidates running for the Republican nomination. Gary Johnson polls about 2% and doesn’t get as much attention as Romney or Perry, but there are some interesting things about him so I … Continue reading

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How Good Is GDP Growth At Reducing Child Mortality?

Last weekend I wrote about UNICEF’s report that child mortality had declined by large amounts across the globe from 1990 to 2010 (UNICEF defines child mortality rates by the number of children per 1000 live births who do not make … Continue reading

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The Politics of Abortion and the Death Penalty

Yesterday, a man named Troy Davis was executed in Georgia, thanks to capital punishment. I haven’t taken time to familiarize myself with the details of the case, but apparently there was evidence that led many people to doubt his guilty … Continue reading

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Religion in France: Paris Bans Praying In Street

The Muslim tension in France has reached a new level. Praying in the streets has been banned in Paris, and it may be extended to the rest of the country. After reading several news articles, I learned that thousands of … Continue reading

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Huge Reduction In Child Mortality Across the World

When the report on a slight increase in U.S. poverty rates was released on Tuesday, I saw it on headlines every time I checked a news website or Google News. I saw it discussed across many political and economic blogs, … Continue reading

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Townhall Spotlight: 2012 Horrific Predictions…

Somehow I’ve gotten myself on a conservative mailing list called the Townhall Spotlight. Their mailings tend to be a little too confident and arrogant for my tastes but I’ve never unsubscribed because it’s kinda fun sometimes to see what theyre … Continue reading

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