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3 Ways Commentators Irritate Me

I spend a lot of time on the Internet reading people’s opinions about things going on in the world, whether it’s some of my favorite bloggers in the blogroll on the sidebar, or some articles featured on Real Clear Politics, … Continue reading

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Is Irene Evidence of Global Warming or Arrogant Journalism?

Sometimes I wonder if my posts are any good, or if I’m just spouting arbitrary digital nonsense that may not even be correct. But every now and then I see posts by noted commentators getting circulated around the Internet which … Continue reading

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Why Is FEMA So Incompetent And Should It Be Abolished?

Ron Paul is, unsurprisingly, taking criticism for suggesting that there is no need for FEMA to respond to Hurricane Irene because it shouldn’t exist at all. Paul has a philosophical objection to federal intervention of this nature, but while progressives … Continue reading

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Thank Government For Something: National Weather Service

T.G.I.F. Thank God It’s Friday – or if you prefer the secularized version, Thank Goodness It’s Friday! But what about… Thank Government? It’s always fun to rant and rave about ridiculous government spending or frustrating government regulation, but I thought … Continue reading

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More on Keynesian Broken Window Disasters

Yesterday I tried to make sense of the¬†Keynesian idea that breaking and replacing windows could be good for the economy. I found it interesting that soon after writing that broken windows could “increase growth,”¬†Matt Yglesias linked to Nate Silver’s piece … Continue reading

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Keynesians, Earthquakes, and Broken Windows

Keynesians like Paul Krugman, believing that government spending is needed in a recession to stimulate the economy, have been arguing that the previous round(s) of stimulus weren’t big enough. There has been some interesting discussion across the economic blogosphere in … Continue reading

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Will the EU collapse or grow stronger?

When I was in junior high learning about the rise of the European Union, it seemed like apocalyptic history in the making. It was a definitive step toward the evangelical’s eschatological future of one-world government. As such, I find it … Continue reading

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Missouri Criminalizes Teachers As Facebook Friends?

Maybe I shouldn’t have started listening to St. Louis Public Radio again on my drive home from work. I keep discovering too many things to blog about. Thursday it was an NPR interview that made dangerous implications about productivity and … Continue reading

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